My professional career began in right brain where I was unpredictable and emotional. Born and brought up in Delhi, a cosmopolitan city of developing India which was politically spoilt, high-tech, emerging and evolving, I managed to secure a career as a graphic designer. I planted many small divisions of creativity and imagination while working with advertising agencies, an event house and digital media houses. I had a near perfect job, minus the overpowering anarchy, when I realised that it’s time for me to move on…

Activating the creative channels and wriggling through my career pathways, I gradually moved to pave my way in corporate sector. I played a lot there involving time management and efficiency techniques for a job well done in small or big projects. I became a task master and got more done with less stress, less chaos and less overheads. I was loving these challenges as they were rewarding and fulfilling.

As a creative marketing professional, I have designed multiple communication collaterals for online and offline media. The latest audio visual project I did for my semester studies can be seen here –

Here are a few key skills which made the most of me –

  • Excellent experience in corporate communications
  • Demonstrated success in Public and Media Relations
  • Solid knowledge of Product Positioning & Branding
  • Proficient in developing corporate brochures, flyers, poster, panels and newspaper Advertisements
  • Broad range of experience in Internal Communications
  • Great approach to Marketing Strategies & Campaigns
  • Special strength in Graphic designing using – Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw
  • Thorough familiarity of using social media as a key branding tool
  • Competent in creating technical and conceptual sales collateral
  • Demonstrated success in managing corporate branding events and company initiatives
  • Keen awareness of budget planning
  • Ability to think independently and work in cross functional team environment