“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”

– Jimmy Johnson

Here I am

The place where thinking meets results, and ambition meets contentment; the space in which all existence of this glocalised world often wonder How will my action and reaction make them feel? Who will make most of it? Was that right or wrong? Where will this lead me? The bridling of intense desire with intelligent strategy, ruthless compassion and addicted to perfection.

Adding that extra pinch of creative inputs has been my approach to delivering the best at everything I attempt. All that fire and energy brought me to a place where I am simply more interested and makes it easy for me to execute in any given situation. This makes me curious to expand my communication experience for deeper understanding, insight and globally connected world.

I am Gunjan Bansal – a Marketing Communications professional with a creative instinct and the passion for excelling with my diversified work experience. My entry to the corporate world in IT/ Telecom sector gave me diversified work experience under the Corporate Communications umbrella which has set a kind of standard for me on sharp-thinking, articulate writing and strong personality to define a good communication professional. It was during this tenure that I practiced consistent brand messaging across both traditional and non-traditional marketing channels. a result-oriented strategic planner who is empowered to execute solution which makes an impact for its audience. I believe the right communication is no longer an option for marketers of a company, but it has become the core of their corporate strategies.

Professionally speaking, I learnt a lot during my work tenure with corporates but generally everything I know is through bursts of obsession.