Trip to Queenstown 

Queenstown has been on top of my travel list after arriving in New Zealand.

It’s scenic splendour, picturesque destinations, and amazingly described beauty has always been fascinating. This winter Queenstown was a planned choice to explore.

The place can be explored while you drive around the city. There are many rental companies from where you can hire cabs with insurance to hang around and drive through the city.

Though my explanation can’t do justice to this natural beauty, my pictures can somewhat explain. 

So, here I go –

a) These pictures are from The Remarkables – which is a popular skiing 🎿 destination

b) Lake Wanaka – the beautiful lake which is much sought after for its famous That Wanaka Tree 

c) Arrowtown – the amazing small town which has a lot to offer to its visitors. Small walks, old Chinese settlement, cafes, and shops that offer lovely NZ made woollens and souvenirs.

d) These are awesome pics from Milford Sound which is a must see destination when you are in Queenstown.

This place is almost five hours drive from the city. I booked bus to reach there via Te Anau which is almost midway to Milford. The coach drops us at a cruise point which takes the tourists to explore the place further which is known for attractions like dolphins, penguins, and seals.

There are lot many things and places this place has to offer. During my stay of four days, I treasure what all I could explore. I hope that my next visit will unveil many more.


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