Hobbit holes of Matamata -A Visual delight


One fine day, 😊 myself and friends decided to visit Hobbiton, famous movie set where The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Trilogies were filmed.

We drove from Auckland to Matamata which was a drive of about 130 minutes. We parked our car around 11 am amidst the lush pastures of the beautiful location. The place by then was already full of its fans who were equally excited for the tour. 

We booked our Daily Tour tickets from The Shire’s Rest priced at $79 Per person. Now we had to wait for our turn to board the bus which will take us to our destination.

The bus arrives in next ten minutes and we headed for a fully guided walking tour to the place. It took us another ten minutes to reach and we were with our tour guide who made this experience lovely for us.

Our guide escorted us around the set, showing the details and pointing out famous locations and explaining how the magic was created for the movie. 

The hobbits are the beautiful creation for the fantasy experience of its spectators. The journey ends with refreshing beverages and some coffee. ☕️ 


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