Trip to 90 Miles and Cape Reinga – Day 2

Our day trip started at Kaitaia with a prior booking of our bus tickets with Harrisons. They organise a guided tour for a day trip covering multi-locations and what’s even best – they will even pick you from your local stay. They charge flat $50 NZD for the comprehensive tour which even includes complimentary lunch.

The locations include multiple stops including Aupouri Forest, Ninety Mile Beach, Te Paki Stream & Sand Dunes, Cape Reinga, Tapotupotu Bay, Rarawa Beach, Te Kao, Houhora Heads and The Ancient Kauri Kingdom.

We were picked from our local stay – Main Street Lodge at 9 am in the morning and headed straight to 90 Miles beach. The Coach driver was warm and friendly and was keeping us posted about the route and points to notice as we went along. We drove past many people on the way who were exploring the beachside and few who were sunbathing at a corner.

90Miles beach

After about half an hour stopover there, we went ahead for the next sandboarding adventure to Te Paki sand dunes.


It was a unique experience and what’s better – the sand was not hot. We were given the sand boards and then had to climb up to find more dunes, more sand, and more surfing! This activity should be in “Must Do’s” list when visiting up North Island. Amazing it was – we loved it!

It was time to move ahead now for lunch and other sightseeing excursions. The next beautiful spot was Tapotupotu Bay. The beautiful campsite with scenic views and a perfect place to relax and enjoy the breathtaking views.

By now, the meal was organised on a table side which included tea, coffee, juice, sweets, bread, cookies, and dry fruits. The food alongside the beach and lovely sunshine – I was sure that we were making the most of our day. 🙂

We reached Cape Reinga which was a very busy site and why not, the beauty of the place is mesmerising. It’s an ultimate experience to see how two oceans collide – Tasman sea and the Pacific Ocean. According to Maori history, the spirits of deceased begin their final journey here. It’s really difficult to capture the beauty of this sacred site in pictures or describe in words – the outstanding panoramic views are outstanding.




What an experience – when you view two sea meeting (Just awesome)!

We had an hour in hand to explore the place and admire the scenic spot.

We moved to our next destinations now – Rarawa beach and Hohoura Heads, which were incredible again (New Zealand is full of beautiful and amazing natural scenic delights).


The bus moves as per its timetable :). It was time for our last destination of the day – The Kauri Kingdom. 

The ancient Kauri is much famous for its legacy of oldest workable wood in the world. The Kauri Kingdom is an award-winning business that has pioneered the commercial extraction, milling and manufacture of Ancient Kauri wood. They have an extensive range of beautifully carved Kauri products including the spiral staircase, sculptures, and much more…

This marked an end to our day tour and Day 2 of our Northland trip.

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”

– John Muir


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