Malaysia – Truly Asia

It was an unplanned trip back to India last month and I was fortunate enough to get my economy flight tickets from Malaysia Airlines.

I had a long halt time in Malaysia from Auckland of about 16 hours before I could reach Delhi. I decided to hang around and visit Kuala Lumpur within the stipulated time frame I had.

After my overnight stay at a hotel, I moved out to search for my taxi to Batu caves. They are the popular limestone caves dedicated to Lord Murugan and are considered 400 million years old. It is world’s tallest statue of the Hindu deity and is 140 ft. high.To view the temple, one has to climb the 272 concrete steps. There were monkeys around the temple vicinity who were fed by visitors. It’s a tourist spot for many and people from various ethnicity and religion were seen around.


It was a sunny humid day which made me feel exhausted before my day started. Though the amazing view of the rocks and the magnificent idol was totally worth it.

I had to go on with my further city excursion, so I decided to head towards Kuala Lumpur Tower and boarded the train which was at a walk away distance. The tower could be seen from a distance and had many local guides at the entrance. I was approached by one of them who took me to the front desk representative and he further explained me about ticket prices to various views from the tower. I bought the ticket to Observation Deck priced at 52 Ringgit and joined the queue to take the lift to my destination. Top there – was an amazing view of the city and you could see minute details of the Petronas Tower and other tall structures of the city with the help of the telescope. I took multiple shots of the fantastic views for my travel album.

whatsapp-image-2016-09-16-at-1-28-57-pmNow, was the time to visit Petronas Tower. After viewing it from a distance, I was excited enough to have a closer view. They were once the tallest building in the world. There is a trendy mall at the Tower which is stuffed with expensive global brands. You could also see diversity at the mall and perhaps the most glamorous crowd of the city at this place :).

There were many tourists and locals alike in and around the Tower capturing photographs of the stunning view. I could sense that Petronas Tower is a definite visit to the city if you plan to explore it at its best.

Almost half of my day was spent by now and I had an alarming recognition of my time to rush to the airport to catch my connecting flight to India.

There was much left to check out in the city – but there’s always the next time (as they say)!


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