Hunua Falls -Driveaway Excursion


As per my Google GPS, Hunua ranges regional park in Auckland was about 51 km’s away from my place in West Auckland. I have been planning to go there from a long time but the weekends have been lazy after a weeklong work time and I really had no idea on how to plan that out. Therefore, I have been saving the destination for the best day.

As a travel freak, I have been counting on my next planned destinations. J

After a real long time here in winters, finally I could see some sun last Sunday and it was a lovely beautiful day! The time was perfect for an outing – post mid-day design. Yeah, that last minute decision. I was going out to see Hunua Falls with my friends.

It was a lovely drive of about an hour. The last 20 minutes of the drive felt like as if we were the only ones on the road.  Really? No.

The parking at the place was almost full when we reached. The visitors to the destination were busy with their lunch, taking photographs or enjoying the sun.

It was a lovely sight from a distance when we thought of going closer to enjoy the falls and maybe Go Trekking.

As we moved ahead, there was a signpost for left and right trek routes – one was 3 hours (Cossey-Massey Loop Walk) and the other one was 20 minutes (Hunua Falls Lookout Walk). Our instant choice was Lookout Walk as we wanted to see what’s the view like from the top. We first went ahead to go closer to the falls and realized that it was a muddy pool due to daily rain showers in place. Our shoes went all wet with mud and bottoms too. J

The waterfalls were lovely, though, as it was flowing with full speed, it sprinkled on us too! We took some nice shots from there and moved towards the trek.

A lovely stretch of the forest and the top sight of the falls was beautiful. As the icing on the cake, the weather was with us!



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