Snow of Ruapehu


Winters are beautiful – the lovely season of spine-chilling breeze which insists me to always carry add-on all the times!

My friend tells me about her recent experience of Ruapehu which is overpacked these days for its ski and snowboarding highlights of the season. The excitement of her snow confrontation exhilarates me to visit the place. I actually do not want to miss on my timing of this year to watch the snowfall as otherwise, I will have to wait for another year to be there.

Once again I pack my bags to visit snow this time with my lovely bunch of friends. It was almost four and a half hour drive from my place in Auckland to the destination. The long journey and an early morning drive – for sure deserve a coffee break. We decided to take power halt at Mud Pie Park which was opposite to a petrol pump. Though it took them a long time to serve us with coffee, the coffee was worth that wait. A lovely cup of Cappuccino in their outdoors was amazing.

It started raining on the way when we were about to reach Ruapehu and we thought that it will disturb our experience. There were long queues at the destination to hire Car chains at 40$. Ufff!!! Hang On – we don’t even know how to use it 🙂 The attendant tells us that you will get some help there. We moved on until another attendant after few minutes asks us to park the car as the top parking is too full to accomodate any more. We were all drenched by then to wait for the bus to pick us and take us to the snow sight.

I was freezing and trembling with cold by then. Never mind, I know I have coldphobia. 🙂

An amazing white view it was! The mountains draped in white all over, heavy rainfall, tourists scattered all over, the ski rental shops, coffee home, cliff ride. Now I know, why getting an accomodation here was challenging.

I get myself a snow shoe pair immediately to get on with some excitement in my gear. We made some snow men and played some snowsports. As a pleasant surprise, it started snowing and I had it on me as well now. We head on for another cup of coffee now to get some warmth within ourselves.


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