Some light


When I write this, I think about a lot many of my acquaintances who have recently been advocating for the power of God and how that power has been helping them raising their spirits and do good in life.

I am myself a firm believer in the supremacy of God and how that belief has been uplifting me during my low phases of life. I also believe that most of us have been born and raised under the influence of religious practices our ancestors have followed and we practice the same in our lives. We are not given a choice to choose which one we like and follow it.

I was also born with a religious belief my parents and forefathers have followed. I have lived my life with those strong beliefs. Coming from a cosmopolitan city, I had many friends and associates who were quite diverse in their opinions, religions and their valued religious principles.

I believe in my God and I also respect others and their respective beliefs. Ultimately, it is the power of one belief we follow and kneel down to his majesty. It does not matter who we honour, it is important that we know someone exists to take care of us and someone loves us unconditionally. The light of that power has enlightened us knowingly and unknowingly and guided us through tough times and let us sail through the moments which have been a history now. We also acknowledge that power will stay with us when we need it next and keep giving us the courage to live through life.

I know he has been there when no one else was!


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