A circle with a dot

You only feel as much as it touched your heart

You only feel as much as you have walked in those shoes

You only feel as much as you are concerned

You only feel as much as you recognise

There are probably a million steps taken which went unnoticed

Undiscovered strokes of pain deep buried somewhere

Time is moving and we cannot stop walking

With or without the warmth we need

Life is to be lived!

We make friends along the way

We lose many walking past the journey of life

We thought of many as our companion

They wither during the voyage and the new ones are implanted

Life continues as we unfold these experiences

I am growing

I am maturing

I am learning

When I moved from you & we

I introspected

I was only constant with other variables

I am on my own in the flight

I board the flight with fellow passengers

And then we depart to reach our own destination!