My Trip to Taupo


It has been an exhausting time – when the year is almost half gone; the chase for a job is not yet over, reached the tipping point after handling my finances and am over boarded with my owned panics.

It’s then that I decide to move out of my dubious life stage and do something that I love to do – what could be anything better than travel for ME.

I decide to plan my long lost vacation and visit Taupo as my place of choice which was still lying unexplored on my list. What could have been a better timing? I packed my bags for a two-day long trip by car along with my friends. It’s gonna be a lovely long weekend for me – it was a thrilling thought. Taupo – here I come!

What a weather – a perfect mix of wind, sunshine and then the rains. The lovely long stretch of the river was enchanting. It looked like the Auckland birds also flew alongwith me to nest around the lake bed. I was making the video and taking photographs along so that I can capture the beatiful memories when I move towards Huka Falls. Just when we reached the falls side, the rain showers made their way to elongate my way to view the falls. I kept waiting in the car for the rain to stop and when it finally changed from heavy to lighter water drops, I decide to go ahead.

Ohh my God, that was a lovely scenic sight. I just loved it! It looked beautiful – the colors of the fall were captivating. The natural hues of blue and green were unseen. The lovely snaps of Huka Falls in my travel diaries were sure to draw the attention my friends and family.

As I had to move on as a traveller, I have to visit other places as well. I was looking forward to view other exciting travel destinations at Taupo.

I forge ahead to Huka Honey Hive which had an interesting entrance and live view of bees making honey. The store had all different sorts of honey from different flower nectars. The free samples of contrasting honey was confusing for me to make a choice. Then I finally decide to buy myself two different interesting honey bottles. Then, I rush towards Huka Prawn Park though I had no intentions to fish the same. It was a unique destination with a magnificent park. It had an artificial hot pool with a hot water foot bath and was certainly of my interest. I soaked my feet in the water for as long as I can to get relief from my aching feet before I rush towards my immediate next destination.

I was in love with my day today!

I reached city then to capture some interesting shots and go to the harbour for some more scenic shots. I was exhausted then after a long lovely day!


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