When I Finally MADE IT


The college days were coming to an end. My last assignment has already given me a lot of my anxiety levels. I didn’t want to be a part of those ending lecture sessions but  they were the ones I really enjoyed. If you would ask me the reason why I didn’t want to be a part of those classes and why I really enjoyed it as well, then perhaps I would tell you that they had a lot to do with my emotions. I knew that most of my colleagues will be left behind in the college and I perhaps won’t meet them again. I knew that my new made-up friends there will also be a part of my good and bad memories (not everything is black and white). They each had a role to play in my college life.

After giving my last presentation of International Communications, I realised that an year got over before I knew it. I FINALLY MADE IT to the day I was waiting for! But I felt nothing on that day, I was numb to my emotions. The emotions which were always full of me had gone missing.

The next big thing for me now was to wait for my course completion letter so that I can apply for my Work Visa. Like every other thing in my life, this wait felt like never ending. I had to wait for the letter, feeling like as if it is my ticket to heaven. And now I have it…

That letter was like a golden moment – holding it in my hands, I felt as if my purpose to complete the course has been served. I now submit it to the immigration department for my work visa.

Now, the life’s objective has changed another time. Now, the big moment was to receive it in time from them. And to my surprise I received it. I received it in no time. I was happy, happy, happy and very happy.

I felt blessed – one more time!

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