Yell at me

When you are in a new country, and you do not know whereabouts for your regular chores, believe me – things are awful!

Almost as an year old Auckland resident, when I am still wondering and hunting for places to shop, I am in a mess. I do not know what to do and how can I save my last cent in the pocket. Ohh yes, I need a troubleshooter for my problems. The places I know – economical ones – will still exploit my budgets. Do I have an option? Probably not.

Thinking about it, I shared it with my neighbour cum friend – Mary. “Mary, I need to go for some shopping,” I said. Ohh, what are you looking for? she enquired. I need to but some utility stuff for my new house so that I can call it my home. She asks me that where do I plan to go for buying my stuff. I would like to visit some of the big stores for them. No, she said. I will show you the economical stores to fit your budget and will solve the purpose. I was happy listening that as that was one solution I was looking for and that came in unexpected. I was hoping to find out the required stuff there and kept my fingers crossed. She drives me down to the places and made me look around three stores that were good for my budget and absolutely a perfect fit.

I bought all that I wanted and could save on half the cost I had to bear otherwise.

It was grateful to have her beside me when I was clueless and need help. I thanked her for all the support she lent. She said what are friends here for? You can come and “Yell at ME” whenever you need anything. I will be glad to help.

It was a kind gesture of humanity. What mattered was that it reached me when I had no one to look upto and had no expectations.


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