The Infant

When I started my career as a Marketing Communications professional, little did I know about it. I was struggling to find my space amongst established professionals. Everyone was well acquainted with nuances of marketing and nitty-gritty revolving around it. I felt that probably this is not my cup of tea and I am an infant who is still learning basics of evolving corporate life.

This entanglement of thoughts going on from some time didn’t seem to stop until one day I realised that my presence is making a difference. My work makes a difference to the people in my team, it matters to the people I am doing it for, and to the people who had been complimenting me for the deliverables. I felt on top of the world and yes, that was the time, when my internal challenge of thoughts playing hide and seek every now and then, were put to a halt. That sigh of relief when I recognised the path of my dreams is taking some shape gave the boost to my confidence.

My corporate journey gave me diversified exposure to the communications field underpinning a lot of learning, exposure, diligence, ethics, and most of all – being patient. Communications needs and involve a lot of self-driven attitude which makes the most of you – Communication professional. I wanted to make the most of it, after 10 years of industry experience, one day I decide to pursue an International Degree which can possibly enhance my career prospects.  I started looking for my options – from courses to different geographies, course tenure to finances involved. It was a difficult choice – given too many options and narrowing it down to ONE.

As unexpected it could have been to myself – I decided Auckland as my study destination. I knew no one there, no friends and no family. But, that was my choice after examining pros and cons of other given options. I stand here now, after my course completion last week. The one year journey ended unrealised, so much covered during this tenure – met new people, made few friends, new subjects, new teachers, and some fond memories.

I still feel an INFANT again who is again wriggling to find a place for herself amidst a land which is familiar but yet a stranger. I wish to grow and see myself standing tall as a seasoned professional, yet again on my journey again.

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