Silence that kills

The day at times seems long – when you are yearning for some peace within yourself and think that someone will give it to you :). Strange, isn’t it? How can someone give you a part of yourself; my mind peace, if it belongs to me, I should gift it to myself.

The day was stretched and I tried my best dealing with it!

I got busy with planning my day and with the regular house chores – cooking food, washing dishes, cleaning the house, washing the clothes, making few calls, attending few as well, winters have arrived and I need those winter jackets too… phew!!!

I am still looking for answers. I am struggling within myself, what to do, where to go, and some more thoughts that brings responses and haunt me. I do not know if this way is right or that. I am not sure. I have stumbled multiple times all through the years I remember and there it seems that I have more puddles to cross.

I am still lost for answers. I hope I will get them before I meet my lord one day!


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