Friends amidst strangers

This world going glocal, people often say that this world is so small of a space. In this so small space, we often meet strangers, acquaintances, friends and perhaps foes 🙂

We are all connected with each other using technologies which have intruded our private spaces. Isn’t It? We all love them. They give us company when we are alone, they are there when everything seems distant, they give us comfort of a virtual family when they are physically not present. I am sure everyone has their own reason to embrace these gifts of technologies available to us in the form of social tools, gadgets, applications, and not to forget mobile games and digital camera. The digital camera of our smartphones is an addiction to take care of our selfies, group photos, and imprisoning our memories.

In a new place, where every other face is unknown, I often myself find wriggling to make my own identity amongst strangers. I am constantly struggling within myself to make my efforts bear fruits of success in times to come.

The technology has helped me finding the places to explore, people to connect with, and find friends amidst strangers. These strangers have made my life easy when everything was so difficult, they gave me a company when I was alone, and they gave been good to me when my time was bad.

My social friends all around this time have been Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp that have given some words to my wordless times. The virtual social life has kept me busy while I was struggling to kill my time and thoughts.


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